My First Wedding Cake

My brother-in-law got married about a week ago, and for the week prior we had 5-14+ people at the house. Busy times, but good times. I got some good experience cooking for masses, and I remembered with alarming clarity how pressured and exhausting–but in a good way–preparing for a wedding can be. All things considered, the plans went beautifully, the wedding was wonderful, and I was So Happy to be a part of it! My main duty (aside from feeding as needed) was to help T.W. with the cake. She baked, we both iced (but she did the hard part), I piped decorations, she flowered. You can see where this is going, of course.



One thought on “My First Wedding Cake

  1. What fun times! I so enjoyed getting to know you better during that visit. Are you sure the decorative icing wasn’t the more complicated part? Bravo for us! You know, I’ve been telling the girls that I really am feeling like making another wedding cake.

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