Thanksgiving Fare

Thanksgiving this year was a good experience. It put my mind at ease, culinarily speaking, seeing as my attempt at Christmas dinner last year was, while good, Highly Stressful and somewhat fracturing of my mental stability. Of course, I was a few weeks pregnant at the time and mostly unaware of it, so that might have contributed something somewhere.

Yesterday the Dearliest and I made our Thanksgiving dinner for just us, as our Indiana trip earlier this month rendered us immobile for a little while. With an infant in the house, I decided it might be a smart move to start making things on Wednesday (stuffing and pumpkin pie), and boy did that ever turn out to be a life saver! Thursday was still very full of things to cook, but it wasn’t rushed or hurried and there was plenty of time for some house cleaning and even a short nap!

I don’t have a recipe for the turkey, as that was the Dearliest’s department, but it was really good. Moist, flavorful, and delicious.



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