Blog Adjustment!

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t posted much in the way of cooking here, the main reason being that I’ve been concentrating more on my crochet work. So I figured, hey! Why not alter the blog a little to accommodate whatever hobby I’m currently focusing on?

Thusly, you can look forward to pictures and commentary on cooking, crochet, gardening, and anything else that happens to catch my interest. I might even run a chainsaw, but probably not while pregnant. That can be one of next year’s goals! 😛


One thought on “Blog Adjustment!

  1. BTW I just learned from your Etsy shop what a snood is…and I have a question…are we talking number two is coming? Wonderful. And where IS your live journal? Other than that I am just blown away with all your cooking. Always wishing you the best…

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