Adventures in cake decorating.

Somewhat on a whim I found myself in the position to pipe a wedding cake about a year and a half ago.


I’d never done anything like that before (I don’t really count the cakes I did in my teen years), but it was fun and a learning experience! I bought a couple piping tips and started fooling around a little. Then I had my son and forgot all about decorating for a long while.

A couple months ago I had opportunity to pipe another wedding cake, and while I was happy to have the experience, I felt a little badly that I hadn’t been practicing nor had time to start practicing before the wedding.


Now I’ve been asked to do a third wedding cake, and I’ve been able to practice! I’m grateful for the time, because part of the piping involves scroll work and I’m discovering it’s not nearly as easy as it looks. Here are some of the first doodles…I still have a WAYS to go, but fortunately I have lots of frosting and 4 days left! Wow. Four days? I’d better get a move on things.



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