Spring is here!

I had to double check the other day, though, when we got SNOW and HAIL for 10 random minutes. At least it didn’t kill too many of my plants.

In honor of spring, I’ve developed a new item for the Etsy shop–baby headbands!

I came up with the idea because my daughter was born with a bright red strawberry mark over her soft spot, and after several people wanted to know if she hit her head (and was she okay?), I decided it would be simplest to cover it up when we were out and about. Since we’re starting to come into warmer weather I didn’t necessarily want to go the hat route, and a headband was the next thing to come to mind.

So, I played around with some yarn I have, and came up with this one:

It works beautifully, and I’m looking forward to experimenting with some other designs I have cogitating in my head. 🙂


Hello, CW!

My, it’s been a brief spell, hasn’t it?
I took three months off my Etsy shop in order to focus on the arrival of Pokado!

I had not intended to be offline that long, but there were serious complications with her birth that ended in an emergency C-section. While things ended well (my husband took certain actions at the house that the doctors say saved her life–she was born healthy and fine), it left me with a very long and difficult recovery. I am amazed at how much harder and painful recovering from a C-section is! I had no idea…

Back to the hobbies, which I’m slowly returning to! The Etsy shop is open again, and I hope to add a few more items over the next couple weeks. I need to finish a pair of fingerless gloves for my aunt first, though. Her birthday is in May, and I wanted to do something extra special for her. She likes pretty things, but she also loves fingerless gloves and wristies. I set out to find a pattern that was both pretty and practical, and Ravelry.com provided! I had to modify it a little because I’m using smaller yarn and larger needles, but the result is a lovely, more open lattice pattern. These will be wonderful for those ‘tween months where you want a little warmth but not something too thick or long.

In other artistic pursuits, I’m getting back to more experimental cooking! I’ve made it a goal to try one new thing a week, and so far…well, I haven’t. 😛 But there are a few new discoveries! Bannock so far is my most favorite, and I have made it three times, the most recent being this morning. I ate most of it through the course of the day, much to the sadness of the husband. There are also a handful of new desserts that I will need to make again just so I can take pictures and WRITE DOWN this time how I altered the recipes. Because I do that a lot (altering AND forgetting to note it).

So there’s a mini reflection into the last couple months, and I hope to be here a little more frequently now that I’m back on my feet!

Thanks for reading.