Spinach Pasta–First Attempt Success!

Can you believe I’ve had a manual pasta maker for 3 1/2 years and never used it? I can! This is because I have one memory of making homemade pasta, and while it was a wonderful memory because of who I share it with, it’s also a memory involving a lot of rolling, hand cutting the noodles, and more work than I usually would go to for something that takes 14 minutes to cook and even less time to eat. While I don’t necessarily subscribed to the “I won’t make something that takes more time to cook than to eat” train of thought, my memory told me that homemade pasta, while far superior to store bought in taste and content, was not worth the massive effort.

No longer do I think this. Of course, the past maker helped alter my thinking. And memory. 😛

Today’s goal was spinach pasta, as I have a rather large bag of it starting to wither away in my fridge. For the last few days I’ve been throwing a handful of spinach into anything and everything (except tea, because there are Lines and Limits, you know). Pasta was on the menu for today, so I figured why not just jump in neck deep and try a green variety first?

I sat down to sort the spinach (with help from LK and Pokado, both of whom were all too eager to snitch the green stuff…do I have the only toddlers in the world who love raw spinach?). Then came the cooking and processing, which was easy. Then came the dough, and 5 minutes into that I briefly considered giving it up because that stuff was HARD and stiff and my wrists were popping like kettle corn. I knead bread twice a week so I know the muscles are in shape, but this was almost unmanageable!

Enter improvisation, which I generally try to avoid on my first time out with this kind of recipe. By the time I was done “tweaking” the ratio of wet and dry, the dough was better. After letting it rest for half an hour it was easy to work with and feed into the pasta maker.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up! These were sooooo good, and I’m looking forward playing with the pasta maker much, much more.

Dried and ready for storing:

Cooked. tossed with homemade alfredo, and ready for eating!:


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