Recent Kitchen Ventures

Roasted Morrocan Chickpeas


I thought they were pretty good. I loved the texture but wasn’t a huge fan of the spices (which is unusual since I typically enjoy ethnic foods). I want to try this again with something more garlicky, perhaps, because I think they’re perfect for a crunchy, healthier snack. A nursing 5 month old + high metabolism = hungry all the time, so having this available to munch on (protein!!!) is wonderful.

Almond Roca


Okay, seriously. Toffee, almonds, and chocolate. What’s not to love? As I searched for recipes this was the only one I came across that didn’t call for corn syrup. It was delicious. Positive feedback was enormous. The Dearliest tried to hide the plate. Twice.

My search for an almond roca recipe began with the boxed roca mixes that the Costco here recently closed out. I didn’t buy any personally, but two of my sister-in-laws did and I had a couple of the resulting bars and cookies. Since the mix was no longer available I figured I could try to backwards engineer it to make my own. The first step was finding a suitable roca recipe, and by Jeeves I think I’ve done just that!

(On a recipe note: I started with 1 3/4 cup whole almonds which I then roasted and chopped.)

Alfalfa Sprouts


About a week ago the Dearliest and LK sat down and bonded over sprout seeds. LK faithfully rinsed them every day, and today he enjoyed the fruit of his labors! Well, up until he started chewing. His expression quite clearly contradicted the attempted “This is good Mommy.”

The Dearliest grew up with sprouts on cream cheese and olive sandwiches, and so in honor of LK’s first batch of sprouts we put some together for lunch! It made the sprouts more bearable for the little man (who struggles with all things green except split pea soup, go figure), although it still took him a good length of time to consume his lunch.



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