April! Springtime! Snow!

My husband’s family recently purchased a fixer-upper place in town. There is a LOT of work awaiting them (they have already made phenomenal progress since starting on it last week), but there are a few diamonds in this rough of a property overgrown with blackberries and arborvitaes.

A rose “tree” with primary branches close to 6″ in diameter. Can’t wait to see what color it is!



A fruit tree that is around 100 years old. Neighbors say it’s an apricot but nobody has seen fruit off of it in a few years on account of late frost killing the blossoms. No late frost so far, so there might be a lot of apricots later!


– – – – – – – –

One of my SILs pinned this idea on Pinterest where you cut up a fresh pineapple just so, bake it, and use it as a garnish. There are pictures of the key steps, but the website is in a different language so I had to wing the baking time/ temp. Mine came out good but crisper around the edges than I wanted, so my verdict is LOWER temperature (say, around 200° F) for a LONGER cooking time. You essentially want to dry the pineapple, not bake it.

I made a pineapple dream cake for the occasion (heh, perfect excuse), and it was good. The pineapple flowers are not something I will do frequently, but it was fun and the kids were able to help with a lot of it. They especially liked helping me eat up all the pineapple scraps!


– – – – – – – – –

Earlier last week, Pokado made her first loaf of bread. She was very proud of it and gleefully ate it all by herself.


And then, just when I thought Spring had officially reached the mountain…


I do love the view when the canyon and valley are littered with white. One thing’s for sure: wherever we may live after this, it’ll be hard to beat our current backyard.



One thought on “April! Springtime! Snow!

  1. Yay! A post “from home”! 🙂 I’ll have to show the pictures to Nannie! The Pineapple Dream Cake made me smile – I don’t such a creative garnish, but I’m taking the same kind of cake to the widows luncheon today! It’s such a good spring cake! (P.S. They are so kind to include me, but it still makes me shake my head and smile that I’m going to a “widows” group.)

    Miss you!

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