Year of the Sewing Machine

So far this year is looking up to be The Sewing Year. I made a couple simple baby blankets back when I was expecting Pokado, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I sat down and really got to know my machine. Since then I’ve been kinda busy with it:

First Patchwork Quilt–a baby blanket made for my SIL’s second child


Second Patchwork Quilt (First Rag Quilt)–a baby blanket made for another SIL’s second child


And finally, the Dearliest took a turn one night turning long pieces of landscape fabric into some rather large bags for his insulation vacuum. Reports came back that the bags worked well, indeed.



(Yes, I did eat ice cream and watch him sew…after cutting out the fabric for him. Do you know how AWESOME it is to watch a man sew?)

Next project: Turn a dozen or so old work shirts from the Dearliest’s previous company into a quilt, incorporating the logos and shirt pockets. First order of business is researching how to best cut shirts for making blocks!

3 thoughts on “Year of the Sewing Machine

  1. I love your choice of colours and prints on those quilts. Very beautiful indeed! Not quite sure that I understood what your husband is making but YES I can totally appreciate how awesome it would be to watch a man sew. My boyf is getting more and more tempted and I cant wait for the day. I’ll get the ice cream in ready!!

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m still very new at sewing and now when I go to a fabric store I’m almost overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

      My husband has an insulation blower (for insulating houses and such) and part of the set up is a big vacuum to suction up all the insulation that falls during application. He made the vacuum bags for times where he wants to pull the insulation out of the job as opposed to feeding it back into the blower. Hope that makes a little more sense?

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