So, we have this dog.

His name is Timber, and he’s a Husky/ Malamute cross. Beautiful creature. Young. Energetic. Somewhat mindless. Insanely smart. Persistent. Basically, he’s like having another toddler, only I don’t have to clean up quite so many messes from him.

We got him last year when he was around 9 months old, but I wasn’t able to work with him much in the beginning on account of being rather pregnant with Squeaky. In the last several months Timber has entered intensive training, for lack of a better word, and I’ve been teaching him new commands, reinforcing the old ones, and generally encouraging him to behave in a mannerly way.

Part of this training is also to drive home the point that yes, he’s a pet, but he’s also going to earn his supper. The Dearliest brought home a pulling harness last winter, and now Timber is learning how to use it! Pulling is in his blood, and so far he’s proven quite eager to show me…well, how fast he can go. We’re still working on “whoa.”

To be continued…



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