Some disjointed thoughts on the occurance of our 5th anniversary.

The Dearliest and I recently shared our 5th anniversary. In some ways, 5 years seems like a long time and I feel like I have learned so much and understand far more than I did before matrimony. Then I realize how short a time 5 years really is, and in 30+ years I’ll probably look back on this and laugh at how little I really knew.

Being married and having children has made me a more selfless person. This is not to say all selfish tendencies have been erased, because I still horde chocolate like a fiend and wait for the children to sleep before eating it (hee!).  What it does mean is that more often than not, I think about my family before I think about me, and this has made me a better person.

The Dearliest repeatedly drives me to consider things outside my comfort zone. As someone who thrives on the predictability of routine, this has not always been easy. He’s never forceful about it, and in fact rarely outright says, “do this,” but in just being him, I want to be more. Do more. Like learning about firearms (and how to shoot them), learning how to prep and slow roast a chicken (when we were first married the thought of handling any form of raw meat repulsed me exceedingly, even the ready to cook stuff), and learning how to sew (yes, he taught me how to sew).  He changed how I viewed God and the Bible dramatically, and this is perhaps the thing for which I’m most grateful.

Gratefulness. How far a little gratefulness can go… Even in the worser times (I’m not sure I can claim “the worst” after only 5 years), I purposed to be grateful and have a good attitude. The Dearliest told me several times after the fact that my decision to be grateful made easier the burdens he had to bear and the situations not so dire. It meant a great deal to me that he told me this, and it refueled my desire to always be cheerful in my gratefulness. I’m quite sure I haven’t always succeeded in the endeavor, but it’s one of my constant strivings.

I thank God for the Dearliest every day, and I consider myself privileged and blessed to be the one he comes home to.

I love him.


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