Project Emerald: Part One

Shirts, shirts, shirts!

Actually, this is less than half of what I have, and the more I work with these, the more I’m thinking I ought to make a smaller blanket and…something else? Two smaller blankets? A pillow or two? I need to do some research, because all I know is that I’m not liking the monstrosity my mind conjures up when I think of all this fabric in one quilt. And not just the fabric, but the weight! It’s fairly heavy cotton, and once I add batting and backing…well, I just don’t know if we’d really use it as one, ginormous quilt.

I was sooooo happy once I had all the shirts pieced out! A bag for buttons, and a bag for smaller elements like cuffs and collars. The most important thing I learned during this stage is I MUST get a rotary cutter! I pieced out two shirts by hand before asking my SIL if I could borrow her cutter and mat. So. Much. Easier. My word, I can’t imagine the length of time this would have taken me otherwise!

Next step: Ironing (again) and cutting pieces down to size. We shall revisit this project in, oh, I dunno. A year?

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