Indoor Flowers

There are few places in my house where I can keep plants that a) get adequate sunlight and b) get adequate protection from little hands. In fact, now that I think about it, I really do only have one spot. This kinda explains why my kitchen windowsill is often packed with pots, I suppose. I’ve tried other areas but everything seems to end up there.

As a tangent, I have a very strange kitchen. The sink is large and in a corner that makes doing dishes by hand rather impractical. There is a dishwasher, but when the door is down you have about 1 square foot of floor space in front of the sink. Trippage, much? I have fallen over that door a couple times taking dishes out of the sink to put in the dishwasher. Bad planning on someone’s part, although ultimately on my part for tripping, I suppose.

But this post wasn’t meant to be about my dishwasher or about my kitchen sink, except to say that the unfortunate location of the sink means I have a decent corner shelf behind said sink that’s under a good East-facing window, and this is where my green brood lives.

I probably shouldn’t use the word “brood”. I don’t talk to my plants, honest.

Here are a few of the current blooming specimens (now I sound like I keep experiments…which may or may not be true):

African Violet

I need to research what can cause browning on the leaves. I’m very careful not to get water on them, but I really don’t know that much about African Violets. I sure do like the color of this one! That’s probably why The Dearliest brought it home to me.

The Shrimp Plant

Such an odd creature! My husband’s grandmother and my SIL picked it out for me. I enjoy unusual plants, and I’m excited that it survived my accidental over-watering last year. I feel like giggling every time I see a blossom…

Purple Shamrock

Purple is one of my favorite colors, and I married an Irishman. ‘Nuff said.


Unfortunately I can’t remember the specific variety, but I don’t remember encountering it before The Dearliest brought it home. I tried doing an image search but didn’t want to spend a lot of time looking.

ETA: A friend commented and informed me this is a peace lily. Thank you!

Side Note: In the searching I found a pic of a white spider lily. How cool is that?

Here’s to a very promising, bloom-filled summer!

4 thoughts on “Indoor Flowers

  1. I have several large pots of those Lily’s on my kitchen window sill too. Don’t know their name either. They were left by the previous owner when we moved in. They are going from strength to strength and seem to flower all year round. I like how their leaves droop when you need to water them. Know what you mean about small hands though – my youngest gave one of our Dragon trees a haircut the other week!! It didn’t mind though and has a new shoot which seems to grow an inch a week!

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