Outdoor Flowers

The kids and I have been spending as much time outside as we can, because not only have the recent days been warm, they have also been mostly devoid of wind. Given that we live somewhat out on an exposed point, this is an occurrence that doesn’t happen frequently so I take advantage of it whenever possible.

I don’t know what this ground cover is, as it was here when we moved in. It’s pretty though, and prolific!


I don’t know what this is either for the same reason, but it looks like a variety of Agapanthus to me. It grows as a wildflower around here, but this one picked a flower bed.




I didn’t know about Allium until last year when the Dearliest came back from a hike holding this tall purple flower that looked suspiciously onion-ish. I did some research to identify it, then when opportunity presented itself I acquired a bunch of bulbs, because they are cool and kinda weird and DEER LEAVE THEM ALONE. Maybe because of the relation to onion and garlic? I have a second, smaller variety but they’re not in bloom yet.

Centaurea–Bachelor’s Button


First blossom of the season! There is another more wild variety of Centaurea that grows as a weed around here. Lovely, very cute tiny blossoms. They start blooming as the rest of the wildflowers are dying off and thusly insures that my driveway is lined with flowers until the first frost.



The lilacs on are their way out now, but they’re still pretty and wonderfully fragrant.

Miniature Iris


This is the last blossom of the season, and I think this is my favorite of the irises that were already established here when we moved in. It’s little (grows about 6″ high) and I love the icy shade of blue/purple!

There are about a dozen other patches of various irises getting ready to bloom, as well as several peonies and acres of wild roses. Summer, bring it on!


5 thoughts on “Outdoor Flowers

  1. I like that you don’t know their names, I never know them either! Your garden has lots of flowers, mine sadly needs more. There’s the odd thing here and there and lots of greenery but it needs lots more adding to it…. One day!

    • I love plants and gardening, and when we moved here I brought something like 50 flowering plants with me from the old house. Alas, the climate we moved to is drastically different from the climate we moved from, thusly I lost most of the plants I brought with me! I was so happy to discover so many things already here and established (and deer proof. and rabbit proof. and snow proof!). šŸ™‚

  2. The miniature irises are my favorite too! We have some in pots, and hopefully if they ever get a decent home, they will bloom again. šŸ™‚

  3. Hi dear E.
    The one that reminds you of Lilly of the Nile or aganpanthus is likely *polemonium foliosissimum* It is a late Spring-early autumn bloomer often found in the Rocky Mtns identified by its narrowly bell shaped blue flowers and oval or lanced shaped leaves….you can propagate by seed or bulb in the fall. They are long lasting.

  4. Does the first little flower have any smell to the leaves? Are the stems a little woody? It looks like some of the varieties of thyme that I have.

    Many calm sunny days to you! J.

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