Some days.

I need to remember that some days it’s okay to ditch the dishes and go do puzzles with your son. It’s okay to ignore the toys and clothes on the floor and do your best to dance around (and over) them instead. It’s okay to forgo exercises in favor of introducing your daughter to Pride & Prejudice.

There will always be dishes and messes and laundry,  but time with children is limited and precious. They won’t always ask me to do things with them. Not like this. I’m endeavoring to make sure I’m available for them now, because later I’ll have all the time in the world for cleaning.*

Today is turning into a cuddle day full of pickles (to which my children are devoted**), chocolate (to which I am devoted), and, yes, Pride & Prejudice. It’s making the 7 or so loads of laundry I need to fold marginally more fun.

* I’m in no way saying don’t have a cleaning routine or always drop everything to follow a child’s whim. There is a time for throwing routine to the wind, but it shouldn’t be at the [long-term] expense of the home.

** Have you ever had the Garlic, Dill, & Onion Nalley Elites? Glorious mouthfuls of petite pickles and the new favorite in the house.

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