Piano Stuff, Squeaky Stuff, Other Stuff

One of today’s goals was to make bagels, but that’s the topic of another post coming soon so I’ll say no more on the subject. I reference it because during the resting/ rising period of the dough (which is much shorter than your average species of yeast bread) it occurred to me that I could employ the 15 minutes of waiting at the piano.

I have sorely neglected my piano since before Squeaky was born. I think I’ve touched it once or twice, but it’s rather difficult to practice anything with three youngsters wanting to help you press keys and pedals. Today I decided I missed it too much, and I set down new ground rules. Squeaky goes in her swing or jump-up, and Pokado and LK may sit by me in their own chairs, but they have to be clear of my arm’s reach. The last thing I need is to sweep across the keys and hit someone in the forehead with my elbow (this may or may not have happened once)! Once I’ve had an uninterrupted turn playing the piano, they may each spend some time at the keys. It worked well today. Hopefully it’ll work equally well tomorrow and beyond!

My fingers are in sad, sad shape. I used to be able to do my warm-ups and scales in well under 10 minutes, but today it took closer to 12. I anticipate a week of scales before I have finger muscle control back, and phooey doesn’t that sound boring. I’m not sure I have the desire for that kind of dedication, except that I keep eyeing the piece of music I started learning before Squeaky came along. I’m about 3/4 done with it, and you know, I really want to finish it. We shall see what comes of this. I regularly feel all manner of motivated while I’m writing about doing something…then it comes to actually doing it, and sometimes I have to remind myself why I felt motivated. πŸ˜›

– – – –

Poor Squeaky is learning that with the advent of her curiosity comes consequences. LK is good about sharing his toys with her, and when she shows interest in something he’ll often give it to her and go find something else to do. Sometimes, though, he’s creating Something Important out of Legos or building an extensive railway and at that point any interest from Squeaky becomes most frustrating to the wee man. About a week ago he took to drastic measures and carried her to the back bedroom, chucked a few toys in after her, and closed the door. I explained why this was not acceptable behavior, but I made the mistake of laughing during the encounter.

Oh, how many moments of parental instruction are lost when a child realizes what they’ve done made Mommy laugh…

Anyway. LK wanted to build a railway, and since we have rain today I brought out his wooden tracks and trains. Squeaky very quickly took delight in them, and LK very quickly made moves to take her to the back room. Pokado was already back there, and shortly after LK dropped Squeaky off I observed Pokado carrying her back out again. They went back and forth a few times until The Showdown in the hallway where Pokado and LK explained to each other in ever-growing voices how they did not want Squeaky in their respective play areas and could it please be the other person’s problem?

I intervened at that point, not so much because of the rising voices but because Squeaky sat on the floor between them looking up, her eyes traveling from one to the other with this alarming smirky smile that made me wonder if this showdown wasn’t her whole design and goal in the first place. At any rate she seemed disappointed when I called a cease-fire and had everyone apologize.

A couple compromises later the children were all playing quietly again, and life, as they say, moved on.


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