Piano Check-In

It took me a couple days, but my scales plateaued out at 108 on the metronome (that’s 108 beats per minute). While I can’t go faster than that without things sounding sloppy,  I was expecting to start from a much slower speed than 108 so I’m not complaining. My goal is 120, but I have no idea how long it’ll take me to get there.

My scales routine: 2 octaves in 8th notes, 3 octaves in triplets, 4 octaves in 16th notes; start in the key of C and work around the circle of 5ths.

My first music project is to re-learn a piece I first learned in my teens–Gopak by Mussorgsky. My fingers know all the notes, so it’s just a matter of getting it back up to speed! I thought I was making good headway on it, but then I had the most humbling of experiences when I found this YouTube video:

I have a long ways to go yet. I never played it anywhere near that fast. And I find Rachmanoniv’s playing intimidating. *le sigh*

Oh well. I’m determined to do it, and once I have Gopak in hand, I’ll turn my attention to the piece I started learning while expecting Squeaky.

Until next time!


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