Temporary Setback

My current crochet project has been a mild source of frustration, which is probably why I’ve been letting it sit for the last month in favor of other, less irritating pursuits. Like piecing out a million 16 work shirts. There’s nothing like finally getting all the squares crocheted only to discover that the pattern you had in mind isn’t going to work.

My large squares are two stitches too short. I got out my notes, because the squares are mostly an improvisation. The math was right on paper, but it wasn’t right in the yarn. Why? I spent a good long time contemplating the question last night, and at length I remembered that I had changed the stitch count of the brown border in order to give it a tighter square look. Then I failed to write the change down.

Apparently I thought an improvisation on an improvisation was a good idea? I have filed this away as not so good a thing to do, chalked it up as a learning experience, and pulled out more brown yarn. The perfectionist in me is going to be upset that the brown borders won’t be uniform, but I think it would be worse trying to make uneven squares “fit.”

I’ll get over it, one way or another!


7 thoughts on “Temporary Setback

  1. I know this frustration.. Going through it right now actually! I have been trying to crochet a baby blanket without a pattern.. I failed the first few attempts, now it’s going well. I just had to pull out a bunch to make it happen. I always have to put my work down for awhile before i come back to it when that happens though. It’s about mental health at that point. Haha. Good luck!!

    • I knew I couldn’t be alone in my frustrations, but it’s so nice to hear it! Not that I’m glad you’re going through it too, just…you know. We’re not alone. Heh! Here’s to mental health!

  2. Two stitches too short is just one more round of single crochets on the large squares. Pick a contrasting color, like fire engine red, and go for it! 😀

    • Yeah, I was happy when I realized the sizing thing was a relatively easy fix! I’m doing another row of brown because that’s what I have, but I think I’m going to like it fine when it’s all said and done!

  3. Glad it seems figured out. I got here just in time. Haha. Anyway, your squares look great! The last baby blanket I tried to crochet was a FIASCO! I think I had to rip out the last 12 rows about 5 times, because I was so dead set on not having to buy another whole skein for one row. I thought – if I can just stitsch tighter!!! Hahaha. Anyway – I have a couple baby’s to crochet for this summer and I think I will find a pattern. It’s about peace of mind, as sara ^ said. 🙂

    • Ugh, I have done the massive ripping out of something so many times with crocheting! I have about 3 skeins of yarn in my stash that I still can’t look at because I knitted something with it twice (the SAME something twice) and it just didn’t work and it made me SO MAD! 😛

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