Musical Monday

I love classical music. It’s one of the few things I feel I know reasonably well, and discovering new pieces is somewhat of a passion for me. During the college days I can’t tell you how many of my peers learned of my musical preference and returned with, “Oh, I don’t like classical music.” Unable to comprehend the statement, I undertook the challenge of a) understanding how someone could say that and b) doing my utmost to change their minds. This is actually how I became exposed to the popular genres on campus, primarily hip hop, heavy metal, and indie rock. By understanding their music, even on a basic level, I was able to present options from classical composers I felt might peak their interest. A lot of the time my approach worked, but not always. I felt happy just attempting the change, and I learned much from it too.

All this to say, I love classical music, but I also love sharing classical music. Thusly I’ve decided to share something classical on a weekly basis. I think it would be awesome if readers would like to link to or otherwise share classical pieces they love in comments, but don’t feel at all obligated to doso!



5 thoughts on “Musical Monday

  1. You know I love classical music! 🙂 And I especially like Prokofiev!
    Off the top of my head here is a favorite of mine by Vaughn Williams although I like almost everything he’s done: “Serenade to Music”

    • That is a lovely piece of music. 🙂 Believe it or not, I’d not heard it before! I know a few of Vaughan Williams compositions, but this was not among them.

  2. It’s not something I’m especially into but I can enjoy it once in a while. I don’t understand people saying “I don’t like classical music”, it’s not offensive at all so how can they have such an extreme reaction. What they should say is that it’s not to their taste or it’s not their favourite.

    • That was my thinking too. It’s fine to have preferences, but it was like they were making a blanket statement on a huge era of music because of one or two pieces, and to me that doesn’t really qualify as enough exposure to know if you like it or not!

      I’d be interested in learning about the kind of music you enjoy (if you listen to it! I’ve met a few people who preferred silence over music).

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