March of the Irises

I love irises, but I’m afraid I don’t usually have the dedication to cut them back and divide them like I believe you’re supposed to. I was excited to discover so many varieties here, and the last few years I’ve been living in spring iris bliss.

This year was different, however, and I’m looking at some serious care of some of the rhizomes if I want them to survive this winter. Erosion and rotting have affected a few of the bigger iris clumps such that two varieties didn’t bloom at all this spring. Yet another one only put out a couple blossoms, and I remember the yard being covered in them last year. Not good.

Randomly, two irises I don’t remember seeing before showed up behind the shop in the old and overgrown compost pile:

I brought several irises with me when we moved, and they’re all doing well except for the one the deer like.I don’t have pictures of that one, not that you’d want to see it anyway. It’s a sad little plant…

You will note I have a lot of purple. That wasn’t entirely intentional, as about half the irises already here are shades of it. No complaints from me! It’s one of my favorite colors. 😀

Coming soon: I’m almost done with the purple and brown afghan! Also, nothing beats homemade ice-cream.



4 thoughts on “March of the Irises

  1. My grandmother, who lived on Elphick Road near your family, kept a large and impressive garden. I believe she used to dig up her rhizomes, dust them with Diazinon, and keep them in a cardboard box in the garage until the following year. My only point in mentioning this is that maybe, rather than digging up all of your irises, just dig up one or two and preserve them so that, in the event that the weather doesn’t cooperate, you won’t lose them all.

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