10 Minute Box Plane

I know I’m not the first person to do this by any means, but it was simple and one of the more occupying things the kids have encountered so I thought I’d share.

Having finally organized my fabric stash, I was left with a few empty cardboard boxes and generally the kiddies like to play with them before they get tossed. I decided to make them planes, but I wanted minimal effort on my part. The last time I made box planes I spent too much time on them and they ended up not lasting an hour.

Here’s what I came up with, and you know what? So far the two planes I made have withstood several hours of dogfights and “bumper planes”. I will have to remember this.

I probably should’ve taken pictures as I was making it…hopefully the description doesn’t get confusing.

Start with a box, obviously. Cut off all the flaps from the bottom. On the long side of a removed short flap, cut about halfway across. Return to the box, and on the long side of an attached short flap, cut about halfway across. Line up your slits on the short flaps and work the loose flap onto the attached flap so that it’s flush with the box side. Tape it down. This is your tail.

On the front side, tape your remaining short flaps together, then line up the bottom edge of the flap with the bottom edge of the box and tape in place. This is your nose.

On LK’s plane I taped the long flaps that I cut off onto the wings to make them longer, but when making Pokado’s I was feeling tired and in need of tea so I skipped that step. She didn’t seem to care!

Finally, I poked a couple holes in the sides and fed through some fabric scrapes to make handles.

If these planes last more than a day, they might even get painted! Oh, and another perk to these is that they collapse sideways and take up very little room. Easy storage! If they lastĀ  long enough, that is.




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