Well, ugh.

Apparently I can’t use my big canning pot on my new[ish] stove. Last year I had a glass top and it worked fine. When I canned back in Oregon I had an electric, and that worked fine too. My current stove is also an electric, but different from the one in Oregon.

I’m waiting for the pot to cool enough for me to dump out the water so I can survey the damage, but from the stuff in the catch pan of the burner it doesn’t look good. That and the discoloration on the stove itself. I sure hope it comes out…

I spent a couple hours working on the fruit intended for today’s batch, and I’m still feeling somewhat “Blarg! Blarg! Blarg!” about the whole thing. I wasn’t able to finish the processing, and so I fear have lost a batch of apricot preserves. I’m moderately comforted by the fact that I have free access to lots and lots of apricots, but 2 1/2 hours of prep work down the drain is just disheartening.

Tomorrow I will try again with another pot, one that I know won’t malfunction on me.

Unrelated: Just a few rows away from completing the purple and brown afghan! Also, tomorrow I start sewing on Project Emerald!


3 thoughts on “Well, ugh.

  1. Hey, I almost canned yesterday too! But I ran out of time so I am going to try today instead. It will be my very first time so I’m kind of excited and kind of nervous…
    Hope things work out for both of us today. ❤

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