Other Stuff

In other, non-musical news, hi! I have been freezing apricots and raspberries over the last couple weeks, but I haven’t done any more canning. Yet. I’ve decided it’s a venture that’s probably best attempted while I have someone else around to help keep an eye on the kiddies, so I shall wait for a weekend when the Dearliest will be home and available.

Our garden is trying, and I’m proud of it for that. The deer are trying too, but so far the netting seems to be keeping the plants safe.  We have a zucchini, a few tomatoes, and several bell peppers in the works, so hopefully in another week or so we’ll have some bounty!

What do you do when you find a mysterious sprout in a dark forgotten corner of your indoor plant shelf?

You pot it up, of course. Well, maybe not of course, but that dead thing in between them is a spent shrimp flower and I was hoping the sprouts might be shrimp plants. I’ll never find out now, though, because they both died yesterday. How anti-climatic of them.

But look here!

Here we have a really cool specimen that the Dearliest found on a hike. Does anyone know what it is? It reminds me of peacock feathers. And passion flowers. Sort of.

On the handwork front, Project Emerald continues. I’m trying not to talk about it too much, because I’m not sure how much the Dearliest reads this journal and I’m trying to keep the end result a surprise for him. That said, here’s a picture of half of the blocks* in no particular order. Heehee!

And lastly, the purple and brown afghan is done! The pictures aren’t the greatest, but they were the best ones with true color. One should not attempt pictures late afternoon in a room half-filled with windows full west. Nope.

It still needs to be blocked, and there are issues with it that I’m not happy with (like the obvious difference in dye lots, which couldn’t be helped), but overall it’s about what I was expecting and I’m not going to complain.



*By half the blocks I mean I have others of different shapes and sizes, but they’re not quite done yet so no picture for you!

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