Here, but not here.

Shortly after my last entry we had a few very busy days. Then my computer quit working, so I’m kinda without the means to be online. I’m able to use The Dearliest’s computer for some things, but his is even older than mine (and mine was something like 12 years old!). That is to say, it’s a regular Dinosaur and incredibly slow online, thusly I only use it for such when I need to. We think my computer just needs a cleaning based on the symptoms, and the plan is to clean it out this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be back up and running by Monday!

Until then, here’s a brief update:

– My brother-in-law is doing really well. His hand required 14 stitches but there was no damage to any nerves or bone. The doctors and nurses were amazed by this, and we thank God for providing protection.

– I’m planning on buying my first ever can of beer in order to make beer-batter fried zucchini. I had some at a restaurant once when I was 15 or so, and I simply can’t shake the wonderful memory. I have a zucchini ready for picking, and thanks to the Dearliest I have a deep fryer too. It just seemed obvious what I should do with it. 😀

– We are getting a new (to us) vehicle! It’s not our long-term vehicle solution, but it’s a solid minivan that’s about twice the size of my little car and will seat everyone MUCH more comfortably. The plan is to get something with 4WD before snow hits, but the minivan will be a most wonderful interim vehicle, I think. Even if we end up using it into the winter, I will feel safer in it than my car.



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