It seems to be one of my lots in life to very nearly kill my shrimp plant every summer. Hopefully I’ll have learned after this year, but we’ll see. There are many years left in my life!

The thing about the shrimp plant is that it doesn’t like over-watering At All, and if you see it start to wilt from lack of water, it’s too late. Last summer I nearly drowned it, it lost all its leaves, and when it started growing again it was less than half the size of when I originally got it. This summer I waited too many hotter days to water it, and it wilted (barely! I caught it right away!) and lost all it’s leaves. I waited 4 days and nothing happened. I was about to call it a goner when I saw new growth the morning of the 5th day.

It’s saved! It’s been over a week since I took that picture and there’s new growth on every joint, so I’ll chalk it up as a really close call and leave it at that.





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