What do you do when you’re down with the flu?

You think about all the things you want to blog about, of course! This is, at least, how I spent a good deal of my delirious state this last weekend as I lay curled up in bed. Fortunately I got hit the lightest of the family, except for Pokado who seems to have missed it entirely (lucky girl). The Dearliest was down for about 4 days, LK and Squaky are still fighting it a little but seem over the worst.

But I didn’t start this post to write about the flu, because who wants to hear about that?

Here are some recent happenings!

  • LK turned 4! Such a handsome lad…

  • I got some new (to me) wheels! Quite a space upgrade from my little Altima. Many thanks to my mother for offering me her van when she bought a new one. Many thanks to my dad for spending 3 days driving it over!

  • This spider out-smarted a wasp nest. It made its web just underneath the opening and caught everything trying to get in and out. I happened to be sitting on the porch when the first cluster of (very mad) web-caught wasps crashed down to the ground…right next to me. I had never seen anything like it and was quite perplexed what in the world the wasps were doing. The Dearliest found this not too much later, and it started to make more sense:

It didn’t take very long for the spider to catch all the wasps. It was maybe two days later that we observed the spider had moved into the nest and watched its web from the opening. Kinda cool in a creepy sort of way!

  • I finished another project! I’m an extremely slow knitter, so I limit myself to little things like scarves and headbands and neckwarmers and things. I might try socks and gloves at some point, but I’m not a huge fan of small yarn on small needles. But small yarn on big needles? Much easier to mentally deal with!

I wouldn’t normally wear sea foam green with purple, but, yanno, it was that or change my shirt and I didn’t want to wake the baby. 😛 Aack! I just realized “the baby” is going to be 1 in a month!

*wanders off to ponder where THAT year went and if a party might be in order*


3 thoughts on “What do you do when you’re down with the flu?

  1. Congratulations to LK! Congrats to you on the new van too! Gratz to the *cringe* spider who cleaned out your wasps (YAY!), and nice job on the knitted scarf. Btw, my Sable wagon just gave its all and we just purchased an Altima!

  2. What a cheeky chap LK is… So cute. Your spider tale is amazing but am so glad it didn’t happen here. Big J is terrified of wasps. I’m not so keen on spiders! And your scarf is beautiful.

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