After 3 weeks…

..the flu has FINALLY left the building.

Two days of household normalcy and counting! Just in time too, because tomorrow is the last day of the fair! We’re planning on going a little later this afternoon after The Dearliest finishes installing some egress windows for his folks’ place.

I should like to take a moment to say that I have some awesome sister-in-laws. On Tuesday (entry day for fair craft items) I was sick as a dog and had long since given up the thought of entering my things into the fair. Later on in the day one of the sisters called the Dearliest to see about entering the baby rag quilt I made for my nephew. Apparently I didn’t have to enter it in person, and they could fill out the form for me. Since the blanket was already in town with the sister I gave it to, it was an easy enough thing to make happen! I was really touched when I heard about it later, and hopefully I’ll see them soon to thank them. I’m told the quilt took 2nd, so yay!

Now that I’m feeling better I have a list of things to take care of, the first being harvesting as many of the wild rose hips as possible. We have a number of especially flavorful bushes, and picking season started right as we all got sick. Thusly, we’ll probably only get a quart or two, but that should be enough for one batch of rose hip jam (the Dearliest’s request).

Yesterday Pokado helped me pick about a pint, then we brought them in to start prepping them. She became so focused on her task (removing the dried flower remains on the end of the fruit) that she stopped chatting with me at the table. When I tried to get her to smile for the camera she shot me the briefest glance before returning to work! Poor girl. Both her dada and I tend to get completely engrossed in tasks and projects, but I’d hoped she’d be a little older than 2 before it started happening to her. πŸ˜›

After the rose hips are taken care of I have a freezer full of peaches to turn into jam and chutney, raspberries to turn into chipolte, and apricots to turn into jam and maybe something else.

I have a bunch of plants in pots that need to go into the ground, but things have been so smokey around here that I don’t really like being outside. I didn’t realize there were so many wildfires going on, but the smoke being like fog for over a week probably should’ve given me a hint. πŸ˜› According to the Dearliest, the wildfires form a horseshoe around our area (quite some distance away…a lot of the fires are in neighboring states). So far the fires have consumed half a million acres, and over 7000 firefighters were called in. No wonder it’s smokey!

Nap time and quiet time is about to begin for the wee folk, which means I’m off to go make some tea, snitch some chocolate, and crochet or knit something for an hour.

Bring it on. Especially the chocolate.


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