Catch-Up Routine

To get things back on track in terms of housey things, I’ve had the following as my daily goal, every day, for a week.

  • keep dishes moving through dishwasher
  • one load of laundry completely done (I tend to get sidetracked at the folding stage, which is why there’s typically 2-3 loads of clean laundry piled on some piece of living room furniture all the time)
  • bathe one child
  • remove and throw away one spoiled something from the fridge (it’s amazing how quickly this stuff accumulates when you don’t cook regularly for a while!)
  • get two potted plants in the ground (I have a couple dozen that my mom sent with my dad…a number of them will overwinter in their pots, but about half need to go in the ground now)
  • prepare two quarts of frozen fruit for canning and/ or can prepared fruit

In the canning department, so far I’ve done rose hip jelly (success!) and raspberry chipolte (success!). Raspberries aren’t my favorite, but I really REALLY like this stuff. Especially on chicken. And over cream cheese with crackers. I told the Dearliest that unless he specifically wanted plain raspberry jam, I was likely turning all the raspberries into chipolte. Well, he does want some jam, but he also likes the chipolte so there will definitely be more of it! Photos and recipes for the canned stuff forthcoming.

A couple nights ago the deer took down the deer netting and trampled all but two of the tomato plants. All the bell pepper plants are pretty shot. Yesterday the kids and I went out to salvage what we could of the peppers and tomatoes, and we came away with a very full bucket. Most of the tomatoes are green or just starting to turn, so it’s time to look into recipes for green tomatoes! The Dearliest said he’d fix the netting around the last surviving plants, and boy did he ever! The netting went up, then reinforcement, and then a hot wire strong enough to keep a bull in check. I’d like to see the deer get through THAT! The last couple plants are quite loaded with tomatoes, so we may yet get a good harvest.

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