Grapes and Elderberries!

The harvesting continues…

My sister-in-law’s neighbor has a couple grape plants. The plants were very productive this year, so the neighbor said that my SIL and anyone else could pick to their heart’s content! Which I did.

I don’t know how many pounds this ended up being, but it made lots of grape jelly!

The day I made the grape juice in preparation for the jelly, we went about the mountain for 2 hours picking elderberries. A number of the trees (although I think technically they’re shrubs? Twelve foot shrubs. There just seems something wrong with that description…) grow over the bank along the road, so we’d find a tree, park the Dearliest’s truck under it, then he’d climb up onto the pipe rack over the bed with a pole limb trimmer and fish for clusters. Fortunately, elderberries are relatively easy to pick and we made a decent haul before children became grumpy and hungry.

This is half of what we picked:

Here’s the other half:

I’m not sure how many gallons of elderberry juice we’ll end up with, but I hope it’s a lot! It’s wonderful to have during cold/ flu season.

I can safely say I have never done so much canning and juicing, and I still have a freezer full of peaches and apricots to deal with. Yeesh. Not sure I want to do this much in a single year again, but considering everything except the peaches were free, I really can’t complain that much, can I? 😛



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