Wherein Squeaky Turns 1

Unfortunately, we were all in the middle of a nasty headcold (and we still have it, phooey), so there’s wasn’t a whole lot of celebrating. Still, she got a taste of a cake doughnut and a tissue to tear up, and she was happy as a clam with it all. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal in another day or so and can think about a little celebration for her soon.

Five people with a cold means generally a box of tissue every ten feet or so, or at least one in every room. The downside is that it makes it more available to the now 1 year old, who (like every baby I’ve ever known) loves to shred anything…well, shredable (is that even a word? spell check says no, but I KNOW I’ve used it/ heard it before). All that to say, the other day the Dearliest observed Squeaky pluck a tissue from a box in her reach and then very casually crawl behind the recliner and stuff the tissue under the chair. She went off about her business and for 15+ minutes played with toys and looked at books and such. At length she dropped what she was doing, crawled back behind the recliner, retrieved the stashed tissue, and started ripping it up!

She doesn’t only stash tissues, though. I have watched her several times ask for a tissue when in need of a nose wipe, and upon pulling one out of the box she wipes her own nose with it and throws it in the garbage. What makes it really cute is that she doesn’t have the hang of blowing her nose yet, but she knows blowing is involved so she’ll blow out her mouth instead. I never thought anything about a cold could be cute, but she manages it. Hee!


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