A “Duh” Moment and sort-of recipe.

Being pregnant guarantees a few things for me, but only one is the topic of this post–the need for nigh continual intake of protein in order to maintain a sense of stability. My breakfast for weeks now has been 2 scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and breakfast potatoes. I wasn’t thrilled with the three dirty pans at the end of the cooking, and I’m kicking myself for not realizing sooner that I could modify the method to cook everything in one pan.

If a leftover baked potato isn’t available, I scrub a potato, pierce it with a fork, and microwave for I don’t know how long (I have a “baked potato” button that works well…I’m guessing 2-3 minutes?). While it’s microwaving I heat a little olive oil in a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat.

Cube potato, throw into skillet, and let cook for a few minutes. Chop up turkey bacon (or breakfast meat of choice…I would only do this with pre-cooked stuff, btw…if it’s raw then that should be cooked separately) into small pieces, then toss in with the potatoes.

Meanwhile mix two eggs in a small bowl, add a little milk if desired. Move potatoes/meat to sides of pan and drop a pat of butter in the middle. Once melted, pour in the eggs. Sprinkle grated cheese over top if desired. Start stirring everything up, and then stir occasionally until the eggs are cooked. Salt and pepper to taste. Done!

The lovely thing is I can easily add vegetables if I want to (often I make this for the kids at the same time, so I frequently leave veggies out since one child will only eat them if they’re invisible). I throw hard veggies in before the potatoes (onions, broccoli stems, peppers, etc), softer veggies in with the turkey bacon (green onions, broccoli crowns, mushrooms, etc).

It’s essentially a scrambled frittata, and I like it because it messes up one pan and doesn’t require extra baking. I know I can’t be the first person to do this by any means, but I’m wondering why I haven’t seen it before with all the cooking places I haunt. Everyone’s all wild about quiches and frittatas and fancier presentations, and yes, the scramble might not look as pretty, but you can’t beat it for ease, and the flavor is just as good!

ETA: This marks my 100th post! Yay!

Quick Thingamajig

Life, it is busy. Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple days, and this year it’s at my house so starting today my days are lists of what to clean and which projects to Not Touch Under Any Circumstances Until After Thursday (the crochet, clothes sorting, and organizing the pantry are among these, although I may find myself unable to face the pantry much longer in its current state and awake some 2 am to Deal With It).

Recent weeks have been exciting! We had a snowstorm, followed by a couple days of pretty nice weather so we got to tromp in the whiteness and make little snowmen and try our utmost to keep Mommy off the snowball hit-list.

It was around that time that the Dearliest began the house project of removing the pellet stove, building a larger hearth area, and installing the wood stove. The whole process took a few days because the tile had  to cure for a bit, but it’s done now and it’s so lovely to have a wood stove again! The pellet stove was noisy and struggled to heat the far corners of the house. The wood stove doesn’t have these issues, and considering we have something like 30 cords of wood from the summer work, I’d say we’re set.

The other big news in the house is that we got a new refrigerator! One that fits not only in the space in the kitchen, but through the doors! I still catch myself taking food out to the porch fridge, but I’m rapidly growing accustomed to a fridge in the kitchen once again.

We are in the middle of a fantastic wind storm, such that even the dog doesn’t want to go outside. The power keeps flickering and I keep praying that it stays on long enough to finish cooking dinner. At least I did the essential laundry, so if we lose power for any length of time we can all get through it clothed. Yay for small victories! 😛

Ginger Molasses Cookies

About a month ago I bought a hunk of fresh ginger. Wait. That’s so not the right word. Chunk? That doesn’t seem right either, but at least it’s closer. Heh. My intention was to use it in peach chutney, but I bought a big enough rhizome to do other stuff with it too, because I like ginger in moderation. I told LK at the time that we should try making ginger cookies, but he’d have to remind me because ginger cookies usually aren’t at the forefront of my mind. Or even at the backfront. In fact, I’ve only had one type of ginger cookie that I liked at all (and I’ve tried quite a few because I have both family and friends who looooooove ginger), but generally I hear “ginger cookie” and stop listening while looking for the nearest chocolate whathaveyou.

Thusly, a month or maybe more passed, I made the chutney and forgot about the leftover ginger root, and so it probably would still be had LK not found the root yesterday while getting me some potatoes. “Mommy! Look!” he held it up gleefully, “We need to make ginger cookies!”

A promise is a promise, so today I looked around for a fresh ginger cookie recipe. They seem to be much less common than recipes using dried ground ginger, but everything I’ve read says that fresh ginger adds something to the cookies that takes them to another level. Prepared to test the statement, I made them. And you know what? They were right. I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh ginger cookies before, but now I plan on having lots and lots.

I think I found my new favorite non-chocolate cookie recipe.

Fresh Ginger Molasses Cookies

The recipe is from AllRecipes.com, although I used brown sugar instead of refined white. I did roll the dough in white sugar before baking.

Another recipe I want to try in the future (after I get a lemon to zest) is this one. Slightly different, but sounds amazing.


Canning Season is Officially Over

Or it will be in approximately 4 minutes, at any rate.

After a bountiful summer, generous family members, lots of standing time and too much movie-time for the kids, the tally checks in as follows, in no particular order:

  • Peach Chutney–4.5 pints
  • Peach Preserves–17 pints
  • Sliced Peaches–13 quarts
  • Mock Mincemeat–9.5 quarts
  • Elderberry Juice–34 quarts
  • Spiced Plum Jam–7 pints
  • Spiced Yellow Plum Jam–2.5 pints
  • Green Plum Jam– 1/2 pint
  • Apricot Preserves–9 pints
  • Raspberry Jam–1.5 pints
  • Raspberry Chipotle–3.5 pints
  • Rose Hip Jelly–1.25 pints
  • Grape Jelly–5.5 pints

If you were to ask me right now if I’m doing this again next year I would probably give you a crazed woman look and exclaim something along the lines of, “NEVER. EVER. AGAIN.”

But, realistically, by the time next summer rolls around I’ll probably have forgotten the sore back, the sore feet (I’ll probably excuse those as pregnancy related rather than kitchen related anyway), and the hot steam.

For now I’m looking forward to doing something other than canning (anything other than canning), and I have serious plans for all the space I now have in my freezer. Like ice-cream.