Last One Standing

Another flu/ headcold thing is running through the family. I had hopes the Dearliest, Squeaky, and I would escape it, but Saturday it took down the Dearliest and last night it got a hold of Squeaky.

Now I’m in uber boost-the-immune-system mode, and I hope it works cause this is miserable to watch. 😦 At least LK and Pokado are on the mend, although this does mean there’s lots of post-sickness ENERGY(!!) in the house, which generally translates into mischief and such. I’m glad to see them feeling better. 🙂

Coming soon: pictures of the most recent crochet project (yes! I finished one!), the arrival of our Christmas tree and related activities, and other things interesting and festive.




For Shame

There are 5 green apples that need to be used up.And about half a dozen eggs in the same state (needing to be used up).

Also, about 2/3 of a can of pumpkin is sitting in my fridge quite alone, but not entirely since there’s enough pie crust dough sitting next to it to make–I’m pretty sure–a bottom crust. Or at least most of one.

This means, obviously, that in the next day or so (or even tonight?), I will transform these ingredients into a German apple pancake and a pumpkin pie.

The household will be most pleased.

Jazz Christmas CDs

Is there anyone who reads this who enjoys jazz music? Saxophone?

I have 2 unopened Christmas CDs that I’d love to pass on to someone who would like them. The links take you to Amazon listings so you can see what they look like, but . unfortunately neither of them list the soundtracks. I can provide that upon request.

Christmas Jazz

Christmas Sax

I have 6 or 7 other Christmas cds from the series, and I thoroughly enjoy the rest of them. I’m just very particular about my jazz and if I haven’t opened these cds after 6+ years, I’m probably not going to.