Greetings in the New Year!

My activity online and on my blog specifically has been much, much less than I’d hoped for the last few weeks, but it was time well-employed and wonderfully spent. Christmas parties! Christmas! Christmas recovery! New Year Parties! New Year recovery!

Here are some things I’ve been meaning to share:


I crocheted a Christmas stocking! Next time I will at least reference a pattern, because I’m unhappy with the square heel and the fact that the foot is so much wider than the neck part of it. I know what happened on both issues, but I was in a hurry and decided not to go back and fix it. 😛 Lazy me.


We went to a gingerbread house building party/contest and had great fun! The Dearliest and LK took on one house, Pokado and myself the other. The judges (not knowing who built which house) said The Dearliest’s house was built by a master architect and mine was where the rich people lived. We laughed with great amusement at both descriptions.

After a couple days of munching on them, the houses moved up in our little cabin, where they await their fate. Last I heard The Dearliest was curious what would happen if they met with a shotgun. He has one week left to experiment, then I get to throw them out!


Here we have Pokado making ginger molasses cookies for her great-grandmother, who loves ginger. She loved rolling the dough in sugar but hated it when the sugar got on her fingers. Quite the neat freak, that one!

Pokado Anecdote: The other morning she came bounding into our room as The Dearliest was getting dressed for work. She clambered up onto the bed and started bouncing on it. “Boing, boing, boing…” She tried to talk her daddy into joining her, but he pointed out he was getting ready for work. “You could watch me get ready,” he counter-offered. “No,” she replied as she bounced, “That’s boring.” “Mommy doesn’t think so,” the Dearliest replied. “Well,” came the answer, “Mommy’s a big girl.”

IMG_6104_resize IMG_6094_resize

Christmas poses! LK and Pokado were highly mischievous that day, and I couldn’t get Squeaky to look at the camera for anything.


Then I discovered a new setting on my camera that focuses on whatever color you want and greys out the rest. Cool!


And, of course, snow. Timber got some pull time with the kids on the sled, but I don’t think I have pictures of that. I was watching from the warmth of inside, as I prefer to NOT go outside when it’s below freezing.

Now that the new year is year I’m turning my thoughts back to Operation: Emerald (patchwork quilt), which is about 75% done. I’m also working on Pokadoo’s birthday present (the girl is going to be 3!!), inspired by a pattern I found on Pinterest for a head/ ear warmer. It goes well, although I had to laugh the other night when I held it up at the end of a suspense movie. About 6″ of crochet work is getting pulled out because the stitches are so tight I lose about 1/4″ in width. Guess I can’t crochet during more intense movies!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year, and I look forward to what the next year holds!


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