A Cold Time Filled With Snow


Quite literally, actually. A tenacious cold has wreaked various havocs with our little family for over a week now, and I’m ready to be Done With It. For my part it never became particularly nasty, but it lingers and saps enough strength in a day to make productivity a thing of hopes and dreams. Image

Unless your goal is to play in the snow as much as possible, in which case even a cold can be forgotten for a while.

It didn’t stop me from planning and throwing a sledding & hot chocolate party, either! One of my dear sister-in-laws commented that she didn’t know how I could do something like that in my 3rd trimester. I told her the key was to toss as much stuff as possible (dirty laundry, clean laundry, books, boxes, whatever) into the bedroom and shut the door. Works every time! šŸ˜›


Seriously though, as I set about preparing for the party (which occurred this afternoon), I realized that it was good the weather allowed for it earlier in the month. Another week or so and I doubt I would’ve been able to pull it off between the cleaning, the food prep, and the mindset that goes along with opening your home to a group of people. I love hosting events, but I think I’m done now until after the baby arrives.

With the possible exception of a birthday party for Pokado, because she’s been asking for a birthday tea party and is so excited that she’s turning 3. Some things you just can’t say no to!


Soon I will share my latest crochet project(s), but that requires pictures that I haven’t taken yet. For now, here’s a bonus pic of Timber, who is so happy to be in his element:


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