Tweet Update

Last week I purposed to used Twitter a little more, with a starting goal of one tweet a day. So far so good!

– – – – – – –

Purposing to use Twitter more. One tweet a day, for starters.

I really ought to have the almost-3 year old wipe the kitchen counters. Then I see the bowl of M&Ms and think better of it. #mothersdaughter

Today I’m making rice pudding and fresh pasta noodles. #yummyfood

An annoying song just came on. #cuewheatgrinder

Simpler is not always better. #crockpotfail

Squeaky kept everyone up most the night fussing about nothing, then went and woke up bright and early at 6:30. I want a nap already.

The 4 year old watched me play FFVIII for all of 10 minutes and then started making suggestions for party members and battle strategies. O_o

And so the wooden play frying pans have graduated to tennis rackets for use with the big bouncy ball. Surprised it took this long, actually.

So Pokado came up to me today and informed me that apple pie would cure the headache in her tummy. 😛


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