Crochet Up-Tos

I’ve been using up my wool stash, but with a couple exceptions I only have one skein (or less) of any given color. This means little projects, like over-the-ear headbands! I started out by making two for the girls, and I have others in the works for the Etsy shop (whenever I get around to opening it up again, that is).

First we have the brown one I made for Squeaky. An easy crocheted wide band with a flower embellishment I made up myself. Somebody else out there probably has already done it, but I feel accomplished knowing I spent over an hour figuring it out on my own!

IMG_6289_resize IMG_6283_resizeIMG_6284_resize

Next we have we have the purple knit headband for Pokado. It was inspired by a headband one of my sister-in-laws has, and I think it came off rather well. If I do more in the future I may tweak the flower a little. It’s Irish crochet, but it’s a little fairly open Irish crochet and I’m not sure how it’ll work long term. Time will tell!

IMG_6292_resize IMG_6298_resize


One thought on “Crochet Up-Tos

  1. Lovely work and super cute models! 🙂 Nice to see you were even thinking about Etsy. I haven’t touched it since Ben was born 6 months ago! Of course things are probably different for you now too. 🙂 ❤

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