Chicken Taquitos


A few weeks ago, the Dearliest brought some chicken taquitos home. They were of the frozen variety that you bake and enjoy, and they got my body craving them. Since I have difficulty indulging regularly in frozen foods while expecting (indulging, in this case, means devouring an entire bag of what-have-you in a single sitting), I decided to set about finding something I could make myself with all-pronounceable ingredients. It didn’t seem like it would be that complicated…

Pinterest has been my first stop for recipes recently, and I found this recipe for chicken taquitos there.

I have made it twice and thoroughly enjoy them, even though both times I had to improvise a little to accommodate the ingredients I had. Or didn’t have.

The rolling of the tortillas can be a little time consuming, especially if you make a double batch in anticipation of wanting to eat lots and lots. Actually, my plan was to cook a double batch and freeze a bunch to reheat later, but sadly that didn’t happen because the kids decided they liked them too. Bye-bye extras!

The good news is I currently have lots of chicken in my freezer, so there is yet hope!


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