After 10 years, a mystery solved.

When I was little, I was given at some point a ceramic angel music box. I played it often, and I loved the song, but I had no idea what it was. Any indicator of the origin of the song or the music box was removed (either by the giver or by my very young self…see sticker, will peel, etc), and as I grew older the song haunted me. Every once in a while I’d try to discover it, either through music books, musical friends, the internet, a few years later the internet again (after it had grown some)…all without success. My last attempt was perhaps 3 years ago, though I’d been searching more seriously for about 7 years before that.

Today the Dearliest caught Squeaky staring at the angel in the curio cabinet (As a side, I don’t know what it is about that angel, but little children like it. I’ve caught all of my children and I think all the cousins staring at it at one time or another.), and it reminded me of how much the music touched me. I pulled it out to share it with Squeaky, only the poor music box barely sang and I handed it over to the Dearliest to see what he could do with it. He opened it up, oiled it, and in the process discovered the manufacturer’s name with a model # on the music drum.

I did a little searching with this new information, but after about half and hour I got frustrated with my lack of results and went off to wash dishes. Some time later, the Dearliest called me back to the computer and said, “Is this it?”

He’d found the manufacturer’s website (translated from Japanese), along with an incredibly long list of all the music box movements that they currently had available (that is to say, several hundred), and he found the movement in my angel!

Once we had the name, a quick search turned up lyrics, and then YouTube videos, and suddenly a childhood favorite music box became a blooming, glorious piece of song with lyrics and an origin and history.

I was excited, to say the least.

“Bless This House”

Bless this house
O Lord we pray
Make it safe
By night and day

Bless these walls
So firm and stout
Keeping want
And trouble out

Bless the roof
And chimneys tall
Let thy peace
Lie overall

Bless this door
That it may prove
Ever open
To joy and love

Bless these windows
Shining bright
Letting in God’s
Heavenly light
Bless the hearth
Ablazing there
With smoke ascending
Like a prayer

Bless the people
Here within
Keep them pure
And free from sin

Bless us all
That we may be
Fit O Lord
To dwell
With Thee

Bless us all
That one day
We may dwell
O Lord
With Thee


5 thoughts on “After 10 years, a mystery solved.

  1. Perry Como made this “hymn” famous many years ago. At least, I am assuming it’s the same tune I’d heard as a child because the words are the same. 🙂 Glad you found it!

    • Duh…now that I’ve listened to your link it is the same tune. I’ve never heard it done by anyone other than Perry Como but I like the linked version very much! A popular song back in the day!

      • I listened to the Perry Como version on YouTube when I was searching for the song! I can see why he made it so popular. 🙂 My favorite video so far is actually an organ solo, but I’ve enjoyed just about all the videos I’ve watched/ listened to.

    • I had a similar thought! I’ve thought about trying to cross-stitch it, but I’m not sure I really want to start yet another project. I like the idea of framing the lyrics!

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