Window Planters!

Living out here on the mountain has many, many advantages. One of the areas where it’s not so advantageous, however, is gardening. Between the rocky soil, deer, rabbits, and shorter growing season, nature is simply not very conducive to it. For someone who loves green, growing things, this is sometimes a point of frustration for me, but I’ve learned to accept it as a challenge (at least until we get our planned greenhouse, then nature can do whatever it wants and I probably won’t care!). The Dearliest and I have tried different things each year in our approach to growing plants, and each year we come a little closer to the bountiful harvest I would so love to get!

This year the Dearliest announced plans for window planters, made from leftover gutter pieces. No deer to worry about, no freak freezes to combat, and the ability to grow little lettuces and things indoors? I thought it was a grand idea, and apparently he did too because it was just a few days after the initial mention that I caught him actually assembling it all. I started snapping pictures, and since I found the process interesting I decided to share it with you all!

Window Planters from PVC Gutters


The Dearliest started out with 10′ sections of pvc gutter, which he cut down to the width of the chosen windows. Gutter end caps are insanely expensive here, so he fabricated his own from the bottoms of the gutter pieces he had left over and then glued them on with Seal-All. One of his first observations is that the tube of glue was about the same amount as buying ONE gutter end cap, and he had over half the tube left over by the end of the project. Definitely worth the hour of his time, he felt, to make his own!


I’m not sure what order he did things in, as he was well into assembly by the time I started paying attention, but here’s what I do know:

  • For water drainage, he drilled a 7/8″ hole on one end of the gutter. To give the soil some air, he cut pvc pipe in half lengthwise and drilled 3/16″ holes about an inch apart down the length of it.
  • The chain keeps water flowing where you want it, in this case, straight down into the recycled milk jug. The drain chain hangs from the gutter hole at the top via a u-shaped loop of 12-guage brass wire.
  • He made wooden brackets to hold the gutters. Each one is attached to the window frame with two screws.


The recycled milk jug, cut down and attached to the gutter with 12-guage brass wire. Easy to lift off and empty as needed!


Here you can see a little of the brass u-loop at the top of the chain. It’s the only picture I got with that part in it.


The Dearliest and LK fill a planter with potting soil. Dirt on the kitchen table = a little boy’s dream come true!



And, a few days later….



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