What ho, what ho!

So much for the predicted 40+ degree weather.


Believe it or not, this was perfectly clear ground when I went to bed last night. I haven’t been outside yet to see how much is there, but even with the wind blowing a lot of it away there’s gotta be at least an inch.

Oh, well. My dreams of spring continue a little while longer…

In other news, I have continued in my crocheting storm, cranking out a finished what-have-you every couple of days. Not bad for an hour an evening! I won’t share everything, because that would be a lot of pictures, but here are a few:

IMG_6609_resize IMG_6687_resize IMG_6715_resize IMG_6744_resize IMG_6779_resize IMG_6802

My morning hour (also called “when the girls are napping and LK is otherwise occupied”) has been spent on other pursuits than crochet, namely, Project Emerald. I don’t have updated pictures yet, because I told myself that the next picture set would be of finished blocks. That will probably happen today, so that means pictures for you in the next post! Since I had a bad week in the pregnancy brain department around Valentine’s Day, I managed to not get the Dearliest anything for the holiday and felt rather horrid about it. Thusly, I gave him a peek at the progress, which previously I managed to keep from him entirely. He really likes how it’s coming, and now that he knows how it’s put together I can ask him stuff about sizing and patterns and colors (since the quilt is for him, he might as well like it as much as possible, right? :-D).

So WordPress just sent me a happy anniversary note, and I was all “Whaaaat?” because my anniversary is in May (and WP wouldn’t know that anyway), but then I actually read it. Apparently it was a year ago today that I started this blog! Happy Birthday Creative Wending!

Yesterday I was on my feet way too much making stuff like cheesecake brownies, cinnamon rolls, a chicken crescent ring for dinner, and folding/ putting away six loads of laundry (I’m partially ashamed to admit that I did, in fact, have 6 loads of clean laundry piled on my couch, but it’s a Truth and Reality of my life…it’s just normally not quite that bad :-P). I’m hoping to make up for it today by keeping my feet up as much as possible and drinking lots and lots of water. And tea. But mostly water. Maybe my feet and back will forgive me then?

The sprouts in the window planters are doing well. Every morning it’s the first thing we check, and we’ve been spotting 1-3 new sprouts a day. Except for the radishes (which are taking off rapidly), nothing is over 1/2″ tall. Doesn’t make for spectacular pictures, but I’m hoping another couple weeks will present a more interesting sight.

The kiddies are getting restless, which means if I don’t sign off now I’ll start discovering things like Squeaky covered in marker, sheets stripped from the beds, and random water puddles about the house. I’m not really in the mood for that right now, so until next time!


One thought on “What ho, what ho!

  1. Lol! I quite often have multiple loads of clean laundry stacked up in the spare room! The boys know to look there if they can’t find something in their drawers. Glad the sprouting is coming along nicely. Lovely crochet too.

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