Welcome to the world!


We shall dub him TR for the sake of the internet.
TR was born at home this morning at 3:40 am.
He weighed in at 9 lbs, 6 oz.
21 1/4″ long.

He is a chatterbox and spent his first 2 hours grunting and chirping at me nonstop! It was royally cute, although I was rather happy when he finally settled and I could sleep for a couple hours. Still sleep deprived and hoping for another nap here soon.

More updates and pictures later. 🙂


March 24th and all is well…

No, no baby yet. The last week has seen some wild, weird weather (one day we got rain, snow, hail, more rain, and 50+ degree weather all within a few hours of each other), and it brought on some wild Braxton Hicks, but they didn’t progress and left with the storm fronts. Apparently Baby yet requires some time!

And so I take it one slow day at a time, enjoying these final days, looking forward to the adjustments ahead.

The kids and I experimented the other day with homemade play dough. It’s been on my “mommy list” to try, and I’m really happy with the results. I used this recipe that I found off Pinterest, and the consistency was vastly superior to the store stuff (that didn’t even last beyond a few uses).


Pokado is fond of making snakes. LK was more into snowmen and dinosaurs. I have definite plans to make more batches in other colors…once I get cheaper table salt. I can’t justify using so much Redmond salt in play dough, I’m afraid!

The window planters are progressing nicely, especially once the Dearliest replanted them with new seeds. After two weeks, this is what we have in the dining room, unofficially designated “his planters”.


Top row: spinach, lettuce, radishes (the radishes are really happy…they’re also the only plants to germinate from the first seeding)
Bottom row: more spinach, baby carrots, more lettuce

The window planters in the entry (unofficially designated “her planters”) are about a week behind the Dearliest’s. I was preoccupied with a cold for a while. 😉


Top row: Cilantro (one of the few things to germinate from the first seeding), I forget what else…shame on me. Once I remember I will label it! Edit: I remember! More lettuce!
Middle row: Tiny Tim tomatoes (The plants only get 6-8″ high! Can’t wait to see the tomatoes on such a creature…), thyme, more Tiny tomatoes
Bottom row: Basil, more basil, and green onions

The starter cups have been doing well, although within the first week we discovered a bunch of mold growing on the outside of the cups. A weakness of using toilet paper rolls, perhaps? Anyway, the Dearliest made up a peroxide spray that quickly killed the mold with one application and we’ve had no further trouble.

The first group (we’re at about 4 weeks): a variety of tomatoes, some squashes, a few flowers


The second group (we’re at about 1 week): more tomatoes, vegetables, more flowers


Thusly, my luck with indoor gardening seems to be changing. My track record with indoor plants is–like–way in the negative. Even if all these plants survive it won’t cancel out all the plants I’ve killed!

Now, for my last images, I’m posting a couple of those rarely seen pictures of yours truly under the guise of “record for posterity”. Here we are, sitting (or standing, as the case may be) at somewhere around 38 weeks.


I only got one picture before the children took note of the tripod, so of course more pictures ensued with everyone. Figures this would happen only hours before they all got haircuts! 😛


And now I’m off to crochet a little, because the rest of my yarn arrived yesterday (for the afghan-in-progress) and I’m itching to get into it.

Further posts to come as events warrant!

You know you’re near the end of the pregnancy when…

I have decided I ought to compile a longer list of answers to that sentence, and perhaps at some point I may (suggestions, of course, would be most welcome), but for now here are a couple of my most recent observations:

You know you’re near the end of the pregnancy when…

…it’s easier to back yourself up 6 steps to get something rather than turn around to walk forward.

…you drop something on the floor and your first thought is “do I really need that or can I leave it there?”

Wondering Lasts

And so I’ve hit that point with this pregnancy where I enter the phase of Wondering Lasts.

Is this the last time I’ll cut my toenails before Baby arrives? The last time I fill up my car with gas? The last time I shave my legs (right now this happens once every few weeks, if that)? The last time I wear that favorite maternity shirt?


I don’t really have a set list of Wondering Lasts, but as I go about my day it’ll cross my mind that quite possibly the next time I do whatever task is at hand, I could have a new little one around.

It’s exciting to think about!

Threads and Yarns

A crafty post, this is.

First! I’ve continued in my crochet storm, but that slowed down considerably several days ago when I went to my yarn stash and realized I’d used up all the nicer, larger quantity yarns. I was (still am) somewhat at a loss what to do with all the 1/4-1/3 skeins I have left, so they’ll probably end up sitting around until I decide to try my hand at Amigurumi or something. I spent about a day with itchy fingers…what to do now? Then! One of my sister-in-laws called me up to say a) she was getting rid of a bunch of yarn (cotton, wool, and wool blends), b) she wanted to get me a birthday present, and c) was yarn something I would like?

Oh. YES.


I should be set for a while. I immediately took to the green and yellow, I can’t really explain why, other than I thought of the brown I have with no use for and got inspired.


I’ll be ordering some brighter yellow soon for some contrast, but I’m really liking the idea of a sunflower afghan.

On the threads topic, we have a Project: Emerald update! Not only that, but I bring pictures to share of the finished blocks.

IMG_6810IMG_6814 IMG_6813 IMG_6812

Each block is 12.5″x14″, so once it’s all sewn together I should be looking at a quilt between a queen and a king…if I did the math right. I’m kinda waiting to see on that!Since taking these pictures, I sewed all the rows, but then I discovered I was one block short and got mad because the material I have left is very limited. I threw it all back into my project bag, threw the bag into a dark corner, and I haven’t looked at it for going on 4 days now. I may get it out today and just buckle down and finish it, but we’ll see.

We are tired today and may just nap instead. 😛