Two Weeks and Counting


At one day old, TR showed off his first set of smiles.


At ten days old, he laughed in his sleep, and I would so very much like to know what someone his wee age can find so amusing!

Sleep is slowly returning to me, and just in time seeing as my mom returned home this morning. I miss her terribly already, but it was wonderful having her here for the last week and a half. She was an indispensable help and a comfort. Also, she kept the coffee pot full. 😀

The kids are adjusting well, although I think Squeaky is having a harder time of it. She was rather fond of her position as youngest, I think, and isn’t too happy at her dethroning. She’ll get over it soon enough, but until then we’ll be enduring some sulking.

In non-baby news, spring is here! Daffodils, crocus, and hyacinth are blooming, and the tulips aren’t too far behind. I need to take some pictures when I next head outside. The first wave of wildflowers are up, and as fortune would have it, yesterday I stumbled across the box with my grandmother’s flower press in it! I’ve wanted to press the wildflowers for the last two years but couldn’t remember where I’d packed it away. This year is the year!

We’ve been eating lettuce and spinach from the window planters quite regularly, and they are most yummy. I’ve used the cilantro a bit, but I’m still waiting for the basil, tomatoes, and green onions. There’s thyme available, but it occurred to me the other day that I’ve never used fresh thyme before and I’m somewhat at a loss what I should do with it. Aside from seasoning chicken, what do you do with thyme?

Lastly, the crochet work has been more or less at a stand-still until today, but the first sunflower afghan is nearing completion. Yes, I said first. I’m liking it so much I decided to do another one in slightly different colors, so I used a gift card to buy more yarn.

Oh! And my aunt discovered a very cool sewing box in a thrift store and bought it for me. I will have to take a picture of it to share, because it’s one of those really neat vintage wooden boxes that opens accordion-style and has several compartments. It’s holding the current crochet work at present, and so far I’m loving it.

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks and Counting

  1. I use thyme all the time. It’s one of my favorite herbs! I put it on chicken, to be sure, but it also goes well on pork. I also use it in my beef marinade when I make London Broil. I use it in spaghetti sauce. I put it in savory biscuits and scones. It goes in my gnocchi soup and other cream soups like broccoli and asparagus soups. A sprig of fresh thyme, fresh parsley and a bay leaf make up the traditional “bouquet garni”. You can look that one up to find recipes. 🙂

    And CONGRATS again to you and your family for TR! 🙂

  2. Great to see photos of your small bundle. And glad to hear you are enjoying the fruits of your window planters. Mr P likes thyme with stewed mushrooms. Would love to see some photos of your crochet, although I know time must be taken up with lots of baby things so don’t worry if you don’t manage it 😉

    • I confess my knowledge of mushrooms is very limited. The Dearliest enjoys them, but I have almost no experience cooking with them. What kind of mushroom do you stew?

      Pictures of the afghan will definitely come soon! 🙂

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