Things But Not Crochet

For starters, here’s the mobile chicken house that the Dearliest and LK built:


LK was very brave and used the staple gun (with safety glasses and the Dearliest’s help, of course). The little guy did about half the staples, I’m told. The mobile chicken house is the new home of our 17 Cornish cross chickens…


…and they’ll be moved around the unused portion of the garden space over the next couple months.

Speaking of garden space:


Here we have one row of onion starts and five rows of 3 different kinds of potatoes. What can I say? Between the Dearliest’s Irish heritage and my Scottish and Russian, we are All About Potatoes. Heh, sounds like a band name…

Here you can see the uncultivated part of the garden area, which stretches up to the top of that little rise:


This is the only place on the property with naturally occurring good soil and minimal to no rocks. The 14′ corner post bombed this photo. Quite deliberately, I suspect. The deer fence is still in progress, but it should be completed soon.

Between the garden space and the driveway sits one of the Dearliest’s ongoing projects–firewood!


He came home with something like 30 cords of it last summer, and he’s been plugging away at cutting it all down to size. Have I mentioned that a wood splitter is now high on his list of machines to build?

Lastly, here are our egg laying chicks–5 black Australorps and 5 Rhode Island Reds:


It remains to be seen how many are roosters, but the Dearliest suspects 6 of them. If this turns out to be true, I might turn out to be a little disappointed. Time will tell on that one!

4 thoughts on “Things But Not Crochet

  1. So, you done built yerself a chicken tractor, did ye? Awesome! I wish I had more land. I would SO do this. As it is my two “girls” help me with my small backyard and do a very good of keeping it pest free too. And I figured by now you’d know how to sex chicks! Apparently, it’s pretty easy. Of course, I say that having only read about it (complete with pictures) but never tried it myself. šŸ˜‰

  2. I’m so jealous! I got so close to taking on chickens this year, but between having a baby, moving, and remodeling, I decided to wait until next year. šŸ™‚ I’ll be following you to see how it goes. Have either you or… the Dearliest… ever raised chickens before?

    • Both of us grew up with them, and then when we were back in Oregon we had laying hens. We did try Cornish crosses once in Oregon, but we weren’t quite ready to deal with that so it was kinda a bust. This time around is going much much better!

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