Sunflower Crochet

As promised, here are some pictures of the latest crochet projects!


Here is the [first] finished sunflower afghan. I haven’t measured it, but the blocks are around 8″ square so you can do the math if you’re really curious. 😛 I had most of the colors on hand, and I enjoyed the pattern so much that I Made Plans for a second before this one was even half done.


Sneak peek.

By the time I finished the first one, I had a) 4 blocks of the cream sunflowers leftover and b) become thoroughly frustrated with joining the blocks. Let’s start with a).


I made a mini afghan for the shop! Although I think Squeaky wants to adopt it, so I may pull the listing.


As for the joining issue, I greatly dislike using needle and yarn to join blocks, so I’m constantly on the lookout for methods to either join as I go or join with a hook. I’d looked at some tutorials for joining granny squares, but nothing quite looked the way I envisioned so I finally sat down and worked out my own method. I didn’t perfect it until the mini afghan, but here’s the kicker: the only ends I have to weave in are at the edges of the afghan! That is to say, only on the border sides. No loose ends where you have 4 blocks coming together. I hate weaving in ends, so this is wonderful, and it’ll work with any size afghan! I can’t imagine I’m the first to do this, but I hadn’t heard of it before so there. 😀

Now I’m caught up sharing crochet news. The next crochet post will be when the 2nd sunflower afghan is done. Before that, though, there may be other crafts to share. I was digging under my bed (sadly, digging isn’t really an exaggeration in this case) and discovered a box of pastel colored felt. I’m talking a stack 5″ high. And now I’m thinking, “Goodness, what can I do with pastel felt???” I’ve started some research in that department, but I’m still rather clueless. Maybe I’ll just give it away to someone who already has a use for it!



3 thoughts on “Sunflower Crochet

  1. Do you use the ends to join the blocks?? I do this with my patchy blanket although it is with a needle as opposed to a hook. I agree with you on that – much prefer to crochet them together. Will be very glad when the patchy blanket is done. If I do another I will not be sewing them together.

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