So we were playing this game…

The kids and I were playing Simon Says, only without the Simon Says part. When you’re making a game out of picking up the living room before nap/ quiet time, Mother can be in a hurry to make it happen, and lots of times of saying “Simon Says” over 10 or so minutes adds up to…well, quite a few seconds, you know. When an hour of quiet is at hand, seconds matter.

Intermingled with the commands of “pick up the blue toys” or “shelve the cars” were things like “pat your head” and “turn around twice really fast”. We were making excellent progress, and even TR seemed to get into the spirit of things as he observed from his perch in my arms. Laughing, prompt obedience, and a clean house were all coming together beautifully, when I issued the order, “Stand on one foot!”

Wherein LK, ever the literalist, picked up one foot and rested it firmly on top of his other one. He was, in the truest sense, standing on one foot.

I, of course, cracked up at his cleverness, and I declared the game over at that point because who wants to try to top that?

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