Optimistic Ramble

As most of you know, I keep a written journal and have done so regularly since I was 14. (We’ll not discuss how many journals line my shelves shelf. :-P) Last night’s entry was full of pessimistic sentimentality, if you can have such a thing. It wasn’t deliberately meant to be a downer, but when all you can think to write about is persistent diaper rashes, black eyes, headaches, ticks, swollen joints, and not being able to eat chocolate for a while…well, that’s just not cheery stuff, you know?

Today is definitely off to a good start. I finished another felt pin for the shop:


I got inspiration for another design, but I still have to draw that one out. I love it when they just “come” to me and I don’t have to slave over paper doodling for an hour!

This one falls under the “doodled for an hour” category:


Granda K came over this morning while SuperC (the Dearliest’s youngest brother) worked for one of the neighbors. ‘Tis always a pleasure to see him, and since I haven’t been going into town so much the last couple months it’s been a while since the last visit.

It looks like a thunderstorm is coming today, and for once I’m hopeful it is!

Also, the Dearliest is home all day, which is lovely given the long hours he worked this week (felling trees is long, hard work!).

I have bread going in the kitchen, it smells like fresh coffee is brewing, and…oh, is it lunch time already?

No wonder the littles keep asking me for food!



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