Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek at the new pin design:IMG_7359

The children might have gotten a hold of it once or twice. “Look, Mommy! Chicken!” You’d think they’d get enough of the birds with the 20 or so we have outside. 😛

I think it’s safe to assume I rather like felt embroidery. Each one becomes a little easier as I become more familiar with felt and how it behaves. I need to get some smaller, sharper scissors, though, if I’m going to do much more of it. I have two pairs that I use right now…one is huge (but sharp) and not good for the little stuff. The other one is smallish but dull and not designed for cutting fabrics.

Oh! I just remembered a pair of embroidery scissors I have. Or, at least, I think I have. Where did those get to, I wonder?

*engage Search Mode*


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

    • Thanks! I briefly thought about including the first page of drawings, but they were positively horrid. It was like I’d forgotten what a chicken looks like! Or another way to look at it was that I’d been watching too much Chicken Run. Ha!

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