Daily Adventures

TR has been waking up at 5:30. In the morning. I’m not a morning person. If I were, I would not be a 5:30am sort of morning person (more like a respectable 6:30 or 7:00, which is what I was used to, but I’m kinda off topic now). The good thing is that it’s early enough that TR goes back to sleep for another few hours. The bad thing is that the other littles start waking up at 6:00, so I can’t really take advantage of it. The other good thing is that up until TR is 4 or so months, his sleep schedule will change every 2 weeks or so (if he follows what his older siblings did when they were babies), so hopefully in another week or so I can be getting up earlier with him (and then going back to bed) or getting up later. Later would be nice. Later would be lovely.

Yesterday morning the kids and I went out and picked wildflowers (and one allium from the flower bed, but they grow wild on the property next to us so close enough, right?), then we brought them in and set them up in one of the flower presses. Good thing we did it when we did, because we woke up this morning to SNOW! It snowed until mid-day, never really sticking, but it still made everything white for a brief spell.

This afternoon was the kids’ first experience with watercolor paints. I found my set when I got out the flower press, and I had fun showing them how it works, the different kinds of brushes, and I planned on demonstrating some techniques but then realized I didn’t remember any. Oh well.

We had fun nonetheless! (L-R: Squeaky, Pokado, LK)

IMG_7396 IMG_7397 IMG_7398

Somewhere between watercolors and dinner LK climbed who knows what to reach some scissors and gave Pokado a haircut because “she needed it.”  *sigh*

Pokado helped with dinner tonight and tore up all the lettuce and chopped most the veggies (with a butter knife) for the salad. She was very proud of it, and so was I. I think this was her second time chopping veggies.

We’ve been getting some pretty incredible sunsets recently:IMG_7381IMG_7357

Aaaaaaaand it’s time to start herding the wee ones off to bed. Until next time!

One thought on “Daily Adventures

  1. Little J has always been an early riser so I feel your pain but, now he’s five, he’s more independent and gets himself dressed then goes to play before I am up! You need to frame that artwork 😉

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