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Since I haven’t been feeling all that great the last couple months (long story, but things are starting to get better now), I’ve been finding myself watching a lot of movies and shows and stuff during the times I need to be resting. It helps remind me to, you know, actually rest.

So here are a few titles I’ve seen recently and some commentary. These aren’t in any way meant to be reviews, per se, just…commentary. 😀 Unless otherwise stated, these were watched via AmazonPrime.

The Hunger Games

I haven’t read the books, but I’ve heard that the movie is a decent adaption of the first one. I’ve read posts by friends and articles by strangers, and that combined with the ads and promotions during the theatrical release made for quite a hype. Thusly, when I saw it become available on AmazonPrime, the Dearliest and I decided to see–to be cliche–what it was all about.

There were things I liked. There were things that creeped me out. There were things I found disturbing. I’m not sure I want to see it again, but I can’t stop thinking about it, even though it’s been at least 6 weeks since I saw it. The Dealiest’s comment was, “It’s the Millennial Generation that’s making this popular, and I like that I’m learning more about the Millennials. I’m not sure I like what I’m learning, though.”

We got a kick out of the movies’ portrayal of the upper class elite. Also, we got a kick out of Jennifer Lawrence.

– – – – – – – –

Doctor Who

This was another case of hype-induced interest. Posts by friends, pins on Pinterest, merchandise on…it wasn’t everywhere, but close enough. I started watching because I wanted to better understand some things but stopped after 3 episodes because I thought it was lame and not worth the curiosity. Some weeks later I gave it another shot because a lot of shows start out kinda lame and get better. Also, I still had those unanswered questions.

After the first season I’d decided a couple things. There were things about it I really liked, but the part of me that liked the show wasn’t a part I necessarily wanted to feed. There is a decidedly creepy factor to a lot of the episodes, and my body doesn’t like adrenaline dumps that much. And, while I overall found the show entertaining, it didn’t really grab me, and I knew I wasn’t going to watch the whole thing.

Alas, I’d gotten rather sucked into the Rose arc, so I did watch season 2, but then skipped ahead to the episodes leading up to Journey’s End.

And thusly ended my Doctor Who watching.

– – – – –

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

This is a favorite of the Dearliest and I. We went through it a long time ago back when we still had Netflix, but recently we bought our own copy because we like it that much. It’s quirky and fun and a real shame it was cancelled after one season. I think we have 2 episodes left and we’ll be done with it.

– – – – –

Shaun the Sheep

We’re fans of Wallace & Gromit, but it wasn’t until this last year that I saw any of the Shaun the Sheep shorts. I was grateful to see AmazonPrime had a couple seasons available, because for times I needed to rest while the kids were up, this was something that would keep them out of trouble for half an hour or so.

– – – – –


NOT what I was expecting. I knew nothing about it when I started, got drawn into the mystery, and ended up being kinda disappointed. If I’d known ahead of time that it was going to end up a commentary on early film-making, I might’ve reacted differently. Beautifully presented with steampunkish leanings, but, like I said, disappointing in the end.

– – – – –

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

I remember when this show was airing, and I remember seeing a couple episodes, but that’s about all my memory had. AmazonPrime had a season available, so I decided to check it out.

Folks, it was hilarious. I know it was marketed as “family entertainment” but I’m not sure near constant amusement is the entertainment they had in mind. I’m also not sure I’d let my family watch it, because after one episode (wherein I wasn’t fast enough to skip a scene) MY kids took to “play fighting” with grunts and groans and fists and rolling about on the ground. Family values? Um, no.

That about sums it up. I know I’m forgetting some, but that’s okay. Talking about movies can only be interesting for so long. 😛


3 thoughts on “Recent Viewings

  1. Interesting blog entry! I’m so glad you watch television/movies with brain engaged. I enjoyed reading your observations. I’m often left wondering why certain shows are such hits while others (usually the ones I like) fizzle, and a lot of the reason is that people do NOT engage brain before viewing.

    Anyway, having said that I’ll only add a few thoughts and it’s about my reasons for choosing not watching “The Hunger Games”. Firstly, dystopian fiction has been done to death by so-called Millenials to the point where it’s boring and unoriginal. Such fiction is angsty in the extreme and a major downer because it generally offers no solutions. I could probably overlook some of this if there was a thoughtful story governing the entire ordeal but, ultimately, I could never find children murdering each other entertaining and I will not support movies that depict such things. I was quite discouraged by fellow Christians who saw the movie and found it “meaningful” while apparently being entertained by the depictions of children killing one another.

    I guess I’m more of an optimist than I thought I was. Or I have more hope than my fellow man. I don’t believe the world will ever become the dire place foreseen by so much dystopic fiction. I’ll stop here — I could easily write an essay on everything that’s wrong with current entertainment and the audience of willing viewers who would rather believe the dystopic vision than open their eyes and see a reasonably hopeful reality, but I won’t,
    😉 (and there was much rejoicing).

  2. I haven’t seen The Hunger Games or read it but, like you, will have to find out what the fuss is about. Plus I work with 12yr old kids, some of whom are very into it, so it would be good to know what they are on about. Shaun the Sheep is a favourite with my boys too and we enjoyed Hugo very much, it was very different to a lot of the other kids stuff. Mr P is a Dr Who fan so we don’t miss an episode but I am usually crocheting at the same time so much of it is lost on me. I did really enjoy all the story about Rose too though. Sometimes it’s really good but sometimes it’s just ok. Big J would like to watch it but knows its scary so he doesn’t ask but I knw many of his friends do watch. I am glad he is sensible about it.

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