I forgot to share this earlier:


I have since made one more brooch, but I can’t share that one quite yet.

*ooooooh, mystery*

And now I’ll have to get more safety bar pins before I can make more brooches, because I’m out. Although I suppose I could continue making the face side and worry about the backs later….yeah, I like that idea.

Also, I have almost decided to save my money for a die-cut machine, because cutting out shapes would be SO MUCH EASIER. Plus I wouldn’t feel like I’m making slightly inferior pins. Have you seen some of the felt pins on Etsy? Perfectly round, or otherly shaped, because they are die-cut. And gorgeously embroidered on top of being perfectly shaped.

But then I question, am I really THAT interested in it? Do I want to be that committed? In the brief looking around I did, a decent die-cut punch (is it called a punch?) isn’t exactly cheap. Hmm…I guess now that begs the question: Do any of my readers use a die-cut punch, what do you have, etc. etc.

One thought on “Also!

  1. That pin is absolutely adorable! To me the “imperfections” are irrelevant because the stitching is so neat and the overall appearance is so pleasing. Now, heaped on that kind of praise…I don’t blame you for wanting a die-cut machine. I wouldn’t mind owning one myself! 🙂

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